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The V-4 Honda Magna

It's A Dare, A Threat And A Promise.

The Honda V-4 powered Magna ...In the early 80's, the Magna was created by melding a powerful, sport bike derived, V-4 engine to an early cruiser chassis. It is typified by a tall, narrow profile. in

The Magna shares the designation of "power cruiser" with its V-4 Sportbike derived engine dropped into a chassis designed to cruise.

Early on, Honda's first generation of the Magna was offered in several versions including; the V-30 500cc, the V-45 700/750cc, and the V-65 1100cc cruiser platform.

The first makeover brought great looks, with stylish side panels, a solid rear wheel, and upswept pipes to equal that of the performance output. The Super Magna was born.

The third generation presented the Magna in an entirely new make-over. This included a new long, low cruiser chassis to go with an updated re-engineered powerplant.This is not your ordinary cruiser, it is a performer! Motorcycle press has given the Magna the title of "Best Middle Weight Cruiser".
If you want proof, take the Magna for a long ride into the sunset or tackle that s-curve.

This website is dedicated to those who own a V-4 Honda Magna...past, present and future.

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