Hand Signals

Hand signals are necessary to formation riding. They are used for safety and they help to create a good club image. Below are listed the standard hand signals as adopted by the Blue Knights International.

Stop - Left hand extended downward and palm facing backward.

Right Turn - Left arm upright and hand extended.

Left Turn - Left arm extended straight out and hand extended.

A Turnaround Signal - This is used for group riding as well as signaling an individual rider approaching.

Single File Riding - Arm extended over head with index finger pointed up means single file riding, used for narrow, winding roads road obstructions and hazards.

Close Up Formation - Left arm moved in an up and down Motion (pumping) with fist closed. This action means tighten up or close riding formation, catch up and stay close. The road Captain will use this signal to execute a group maneuver.

Road Hazard - Pointing downward is to warn fellow riders of pot holes and debris in the road.

Staggered Riding - Hand straight up with four fingers extended waving side to side. Staggered riding it used on open roads and where there are a lot of turns. This style allows the rider some leeway for drifting.

V Signal - Two fingers indicate dual riding style or two abreast where permitted.

Other Hand Signals :

Pointing to your gas tank means you have switched to your reserve. Blow horn to alert Captain.

Waving the hand back and forth with arm extended to the side means come up to me or pass me.