Magna Owners Of Texas
Meet and Greet Fall Ride (MOOTMAG #2)
October 21, 22, 23, 24, 2004.


MOOT MAG #2 Trip Report

(At Long Last)



MOOT MAG 2 has come and gone. Those of you that were able to attend know what a great time we all had. I tend to ramble on and at this point in the narrative have only my own memories to rely on so feel free to skip the prose and just look at the pictures if you wish. - Marc - READ ON.

Day 1

Thursday morning, October 21st. All over the great state of Texas and in several other adjacent states the sounds of Honda Magna's getting warmed up for the trip to MOOT MAG 2 in Leakey, Texas filled the fall morning air. In Houston it was cool and extremely foggy. Part of the Houston contingent started out about 7am heading for East Bernard to meet up with Gary Rife. The ride out to East Bernard was so foggy it felt like it was raining. It was difficult to see 20 feet in front of your face. By the time we got to East Bernard though the fog had burned off.

In East Bernard we met up with Gary and the day was promising to be fantastic for a nice long ride. After leaving East Bernard the group (Bill Miller and wife , Gary Rife, Marc and Nancy Albea) continued to head west leaving behind Houston and heading for the long awaited destination of Leakey for the start of MOOT MAG2.



The day turned quite warm and the 5 of us settled in for some cruising (west young man, head west) on hiway 90 towards Shiner, Texas. 2 hours later after stopping for gas, refreshments and to stretch our legs we headed towards Leakey once more.

We had originally planned on about 4-5 more riders being with us for the trip out of Houston but as always happens we had last minute cancellations and postponements so we were 4 riders and a car driven by Marlyn, Bill Miller's wife. Finally, after about 8 hours of gorgeous riding weather we arrived in Leakey. We all got settled into our digs for the next 3 days and rested for a couple of hours prior to heading to Garner State Park to meet up with those MOOTsters coming in from other parts of the state.

We headed over to Garner and after just a little bit of wandering around, familiarizing ourselves with the park we met up with those MOOTsters that had opted for camping. Once there everyone sniffed all the good looking Magna's as well as the several other bike denominations of riders without the good fortune to be on a Magna.

We didn't get to see everyone that had already arrived since several of the Garner group had headed out to dinner but those that were there had a great time jawing about their bikes, the trip in to Leakey and the beautiful area we found ourselves in that evening. The campsite was just a few feet from the banks of the Frio river and as it got dark we could hear the sounds of the river flowing past us and could see the stars coming out in a sky clearer than any sky you can see from the city of Houston or any other metropolitian area for that matter.

Finally, getting too dark to see much, those of us lodging back in town headed into Leakey to scare up some dinner and afterwards to sit around the grounds of the lodge and chat for a while while waiting for other MOOTsters to come straggling in.

Day 2

Friday morning. We all woke up to what looked like it was to be a disappointing day. The weather was wet and chill and we didn't know what to expect for the rest of the day. During the night several other riders had made it in so we found ourselves standing on the porch of the odge watching the rain hoping it was going to let up enough for us to meet everyone over at Garner. Finally there seemed to be a vreak in the weather so several of us headed over to Garner to find out what the plan was for the rides (if there were to be any) for the day. Fortunately we had several members that knew the tendancies fo the weather in the are and we were told we could expect the day to clear up about mid-morning. Clear up it did and we were on our way.

The day turned out to be beautiful so we split up into several groups, each riding a different route. I can't even begin to describe the scenary soI guess I'll just have to let some of the photo's speak for themselves.





I think these were our first scenic stop so we decided to take a few pictures of our little riding group.

We were really too busy riding to stop much and take pictures but we did manage to take a few to show the rest of you.

Some of the places we stopped were certainly interesting. Like the picture of Stonehege. I don't think we were in England? Were we? There were also some statues that properly belonge on Easter island. According to legend though some local businessman embarked on the venture of bringing these structures to us in the hill country of Texas. Stopped from actually transporting the originals from their respective homes he was reduced to creating likenesses of them.




There is some fantastic riding to be done in and around the Leakey area.

Day 3 brought more of the same. Some folks rode in groups and did specific rides, others took off in 2's and 3's and just rode where ever they had a notion to roam. Sunday afternoon brought the closing ceremonies for MOOT MAG #2. Here are a few of the notable mentions:

We had a total of 33 bikes at the event.

6 Magna V65's
1 Magna V45
2 Super Magna's
13 third generation Magna's

In addition to the Magna contigent we had:

3 GoldWings
2 VTX's
1 Valkyrie Interstate
1 Honda Shadow
1 Bandit
1 Harley
1 Yamaha V-Star


Here are the awards that were given out:

Youngest MOOTster: Brad Phillips
Oldest MOOTster: Bill Fyffe
Travelling the furthest: Butch Sparks (800+ miles)

Magna specific awards:

Best Vintage Magna V30 - V45 - V65 Gary Rife
Best Super Magna   Lowell Yoder
Best 3rd Generation Magna   Nancy Kwiecien
Best Overall Magna   Troy Curtis










If you were unable to attend you missed a lot of great people and great bikes, hope to see you at the next MOOTMag.


There will be a complete listing of pictures taken at MOOT MAG 2 coming in the very near future. As soon as I can figure out how to incorporate a page of thumbnails and/or a slide show format for the remainder.