Magna Owners Of Texas
Meet and Greet Fall Ride (MOOTMAG #3)
October 20, 21, 22, 2005.



MOOT MAG #3 Trip Report

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Wednesday October 19th finally arrives, after a long summer MOOTMag is finally here!  Kristi and I make our way down from DFW area taking the quick route to Kerrville.  We get to Kerrville/Schriener park headquarters to get our campsite that has been reserved for months to find out that we were not first to arrive, Curtis Hutson had made his way down on Monday riding his Black Valkyrie Interstate pulling a trailer from Rowlett.  Tom Duffy rode in from Katy and snatched up the prime real estate camp site of # 51 in the Hawn-Hide-Away camping section.  So we settled into # 52 beside Tom. 

After getting some primary camp gear setup we were about ready to disembark the bikes from the trailer to go get some lunch when Curtis pulls up to the camp.  We walk over to greet him when he makes the statement, "Well there are 2 types of riders and I just went from the first to the second".  Not realizing until he said that, his normally gorgeous Valk was now cosmetically challenged, he had gone down.  About this time another Magna arrives with a pilot and passenger, it was Allen Rugg and son Gavin (now known as the Candyman).  They introduce themselves and join in on the conversation. After talking and asking a lot of questions first being to check to make sure Curtis was ok, to which thankfully he was, Tom, Kristi, and I preceded to find some lunch, while Curtis took time to check things over further.  Allen and Candyman setup their campsite.

After lunch back at the camp more MOOT'sters were beginning to trickle in, Rob Allen, Brad Badgett, Bill Fyffe, David Carrales, and Lowell Yoder to name a few had arrived.  Curtis and I were checking his Valkyrie over to make sure it was safe to ride, after a few minor modifications such as a custom windshield trim and a gentle persuasion of the left engine guard he deemed it fit to ride. It was getting close to dinner time a decision was made to run into Kerrville to pick up supplies to have a cookout that evening.  After a nice roundabout ride into town to find a grocery store we acquired some grub.  We sat around the campfire telling lies and getting to know the new folks and re-acquainting with those familiar faces.  We were welcomed to the camp by many a deer roaming fearlessly around the area, about the only thing to get their attention was Allen's drag pipes and the rev limiter on his 3rd generation Magna, LoL.

Thursday greets us with bright sunshine and nice cool and relaxing temperatures.  Curtis invites us to join him at his campsite for breakfast and coffee.  My helmet goes off to Curtis for some fantastic campsite feasts!  After filling up on Amiga's and coffee it was time to head to the camp headquarters to meet up with the MOOT'sters not camping for a day of riding.  There we were met by several ready for a good day of riding. After getting acquainted with everyone and going over event related information a ride route was selected.  The never dull 3's, 337 to 336, to 335 back to 337 to 16.

After returning from the days fantastic ride we met up with more folks that had arrived, Nancy Kwiecien, Marc Albea, Jeff and Deb Heard, Ruben Camarillo to name a few.  Once again it was getting close to dinner time and again everyone voted on a cookout, Curtis stepped in and with Kristi's help put together a menu of Salmon and grilled vegetables, WoW never knew camp food could be so tasty!  We had a blast sitting around sniffing all the great bikes and getting to know each other better.

Friday was a free day to ride if you wanted to ride, relax around the camp, or go into Fredericksburg to see the sights.  Groups were arranged for those wanting to go ride and routes picked, those looking to hit the shops in Fredericksburg to get together to discuss plans.  Brad and Misty Phillips, Jim Dailey, Marc Albea, Nancy Kwiecien, and others headed for a morning of riding. Kristi, Allen Rugg, CandyMan, Rob Allen, David Carrales, Bob Barram, Troy Curtis, Ruben Camarillo, and myself headed into Fredericksburg to see the shops, Nimitz Museum and some lunch. 

After lunch we headed back to camp for the tech session, Allen's bike was in need of a carb cleaning and adjustment as on deceleration it popped pretty bad.  Once the bike cooled we jumped in feet first and pulled the carbs, found some slow speed jets in need of cleaning and made some big adjustments to the pilot screws.  Flipped them over and proceeded to shim the needles, but to our surprise we found we were not the first ones there, a previous owner had installed the Dyna Jet kit.  So we made the decision to leave that current setup alone.  Re-installed the carbs and checked that everything was where it should be and fired the beast up.  Allen was very eager to take it for a test spin to see how the changes would affect things.  After a few minutes and about 9 thousand RPM's he pulled in with a huge grin on his face!  It was nearing 6pm the appointed event cookout time, Kristi, Jeff and Cindy Fisher volunteered to make a food run, they came back with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and peel and eat shrimp, mmmm!

Saturday arrived with cooler yet temps in the low 50's that morning warming up to the middle 70's, the weather for this trip was absolutely perfect!  Once again we met up for the days events at the camp headquarters to discuss the itinerary.  Jimmy Glover had ridden down that morning early to join in on the days events.  We split into 2 different ride destination groups, with Jimmy just arriving he, Curtis Hutson, and Bob Barram decided to tackle the infamous 3's.  The rest of us headed out to Stonehinge II, Lost Maples State Park, Lone Star Motorcycle Museum.  The ride was great and scenery fantastic, there is just something about all those Magna's rolling through the Texas Hill country!  WoW what a sight! 

On the return leg from the museum we turned off of 337 to 16 towards Kerrville, with just 12 miles remaining I felt something was not right with the rear tire on my Valk pulled over and sure enough had wore down to the cords.  Not wanting hold up the entire group and to put Kristi out of potential harms way, the group proceeded on to camp.  Kristi on the back of Troy Curtis' 05 Gold Wing, and Lowell Yoder offered to poke along with me back to the camp. 

Once back at the campsite we were met by Curtis Hutson, Bob Barram, and Jimmy Glover back early from their ride.  Jimmy had went down with his pretty Red Magna on 336 disabling the bike and injuring his left knee and forearm slightly.  He some scraps and rash but all in all he suffered only minor injuries thankfully.  Jeff Heard, Troy Curtis, and others offered to go pick up the broken Magna and bring it back to the camp.  They arrived back just before 6 pm, just in time for the closing ceremonies to begin.


We had several door prizes donated to MOOT from Dobie Gillum of Cycle-istic, Roger of FatMax, and New Enough to give out.  Lowell Yoder won a $50 gift certificate from FatMax, Jeff Heard a $30 gift certificate from New Enough, Jim Dailey Cycle-istic passenger peg kit, Jimmy Glover a Cycle-istic brake-stay rod, Allen Rugg a Cycle-istic V-4 plate, and Bob Barram a Kuryakyn Headlight visor.

The MOOT'sters in attendance voted on the following:

Best Vintage Magna (82-86 V30-V45-V65)  Brad Phillips
Best Super Magna (87-88)  Greg Cothern
Best 3rd Generation Magna (94-03)  Nancy Kwiecien
Best Overall Magna  Nancy Kwiecien
Best Non Magna  Troy Curtis (05 Gold Wing)
Youngest MOOT'ster  Misty Philips
Oldest MOOT'ster  Bill Fyffe
Longest distance traveled to attend  Brad Badgett
Last but not least I added a new category this year that I picked, MOOT'ster of the year  Marc Albea for his commitment to maintaining the MOOT website to perfection!

If you were unable to attend you missed a lot of great people and great bikes, hope to see you at the next MOOTMag.