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In November of 2002, Greg Cothern (MOOT #1), Rob Allen, (MOOT #2) and Robert Hilliard gathered in Dallas over lunch and after much discussion and planning, founded the Magna Owners Of Texas Motorcycle Club. The result was an organization built on the principle of camaraderie and love for the Honda Magna motorcycle. MOOT has become a brotherhood bounded by principles instead of borders. MOOT was officially started in January of 2003 with the creation of an email listserv and this website. MOOT has grown from just a few members to over 700 members in 6 years.

Membership regions were created in early 2003 and MOOT is proud to have a network of Regional Coordinators that plan events and activities for MOOT members. Feel free to move your mouse over any region on the map below for a listing of Coordinators and Co-Coordinators.

An East Coordinator is in the future Allen Rugg - Texas Coast Region Coordinator - MOOT Member #325 / Tom Duffy - Texas Coast Region Co-Coordinator - MOOT Member #5 An Oklahoma Coordinator is in the future An Arkansas Coordinator is in the future A Louisiana Coordinator is in the future Brad Phillips - Texas Panhandle Region Coordinator - MOOT Member #31 A Texas West Region Coordinator is in the future MOOT Member #1 - Greg Cothern - Texas North Region Coordinator  /  MOOT Member #69 - Bob Barram - Texas North Region Co-Coordinator MOOT Member #9 - Jimmy Glover - Texas Central Region Coordinator  /  MOOT Member #459 - John Flynn - Texas Central Region Co-Coordinator MOOT Member #269 - David Carrales - Texas South Region Coordinator / MOOT #670 - Steve Rogers - Texas South Region Co-Coordinator

Our slogan at MOOT is, "Take The Long Way Home", which we take to mean, "take your time and enjoy the ride". Regardless of where we are located, we share the same love of one thing...the Magna, a motorcycle designed and made by Honda. We welcome those of you who share our ideals to join us. We host an annual MOOTMag and several get-togethers during the year and we help each other and keep constant communication through the MOOT forum and listserv.

Our members are located in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Our Honorary members are located throughout the world. There are no membership costs or dues for MOOT. Just your participation and help is expected. Feel free to check our website for events and attend any one of our gatherings. You are always welcome.

So, you want to start a Magna Owners Club in your State. First, we in MOOT commend you for considering such an endeavor. A project such as this takes time and patience but the rewards are endless. There are three things we feel you will need to start a Magna club:

1. Come up with a name for your club. MOOT stands for Magna Owners Of Texas.
2. Start your club website. Every riding club must have a website to aid members in gathering information about rides and wrenching sessions. There may be a cost to this, but usually cost is minimum.
3. Create an forum and/or email listserv for your members or find a forum sponser to host you. This is needed to allow your members to communicate readily with other members.

We would be more than happy to help you start your Magna Owners Club. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments.

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