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Trip & Wrench Reports

Central Region Wrench Session at Trapper's - March 8, 2008 - Belton, Texas

The morning started off VERY chilly here at Trapper and Tina's house. Tina got up early to run to WalMart to pick up a few items for the fajita lunch and came back and started cooking. By the time I got up shortly after 7:00AM she had the chicken and beef all cooked. I had my necessary couple of cups of coffee and went out to open things up. After moving all of the vehicles out of the garage that were NOT going to be worked on, and setting up the ones that were, I was ready for everyone to arrive.

Jim was the first to pull up. He and his wife had trailered down from Lubbock the day before. Before long, he had his bike off the trailer and in the garage, and we began taking parts off in order to get the the carburetors. Jim had had Dave Dodge ship the jets and shims direct to my house to arrive the day before. I put Justin to work shortly to add the shims to his carburetors for the '88 Super and to install the remaining gaskets. Jim, Arthur and Dave all showed up shortly and from different directions. Dave set to work adding accent lights to his V65 and also brought his own set of carbs off of his parts bike for some work, if time allowed. By now the temperature was warming up nicely toward the day's high of 65. Joseph worked on installing the new clutch linkage and carburetor for his Pagsta. Greg, Kristi and their kids Dacy, Amber and Anthony pulled up in the Wagon-Queen-Family-Truckster, and I could tell that Greg was needing to get his Magna fix. With the family gone inside, and the kids doing their thing the real work could begin. Devin, Greg and Kristi's eldest finally arrived from Austin where he attends UT, and the family reunion was complete. We broke for lunch to savor the tasty fajita spread created by Tina. I can only guess that everyone liked it, because in got very quiet. Only the sounds of fajita munching could be heard. (That's not true...everyone was very nice and complimentary of the meal). After lunch it was back to work.

Everything went smoothly except the part where we, (me), installed Justin's carburetors, without hooking up the throttle cables. Then, after much struggling and head standing I managed to hook them up only to discover that I'd done it backward. Thank goodness for and much appreciation to Rick and Jim, who jumped in displaying great patience that comes with years of wisdom to correct the wrong. (Saved me from pulling the carbs BACK off). I believe everyone finished all of the work we set out to do, being sure to leave plenty for the next wrench session. Those that had to get back on the road, headed out, and the few of us that remained took a leisurely ride through Northeast Bell county up to Bellfalls then back through Troy south across Belton lake and back to the house.

I'm very pleased with how well the wrench session went, and Tina and I were very happy to see and visit with everyone that could make it. Thank you all for being such wonderful guests. You are all welcome back and we hope those that couldn't make it will be able to come to the next wrench session here.


See photos here:


Wrench Session at Allen's - January 2006 - Montgomery, Texas

Greg and I caged it to our new Coastal Coordinator's brand new house in Montgomery on Friday, to BEAUTIFUL weather. The forecast was calling for rain, rain, rain on Saturday when we needed to return home, and we both second guessed the decision to leave the bike behind as we drove. We spent most of Friday telling lies and playing with the RC toys.  (Editors Note:  Looks to me like they spent more time playing with the RC than anything else.  LOL)


The guys (Greg and Allen) finally decided to pull the fork springs around dinner time, so we headed to Applebys while the oil drained. When we returned, much discussion was had because the WRONG progressive springs had been sent. (Boo for Allen.) Hence only the oil was flushed and replaced with 15 wt. (Guess that helps.....) (Another Editors note: Before removing the fork tube cap, use an allen wrench and loosen the top triple tree clamps on the fork tube. There is enough clamping force that it makes getting the cap on and off a little easier.)

Saturday arrived to grey skies, but no real threat of rain until later in the day. Greg and I dragged Allen and Candyman to breakfast before Jesse showed up and shortly after that, so did co-coordinator Tom. The guys pulled his carbs and did all that mechanical stuff y'all talk about while I made a Wal-mart run for carb cleaner and then lunch. Jesse also brought a second set of pipes that had apparently been home to a mouse or two. They did the standard muffler mod that I think I've seen so many times, even I can do it. And they think I'm only there to look pretty! Another run, this time to Home Depot by Allen and Jesse for rivots and a rivot gun. FYI for those of you wanting to do the mod, Jesse has the goods! After all the work that really was done, we headed out for Mexican!

Alas, we had a great time! I wished we could have stayed one more day and many, many thanks to Allen Rugg and his family and pets, for putting up with the home invasion!

I'm glad I braved the weather and came out. There was a good downpour around 3:00 p.m. otherwise we were dry. So I still have yet to use my rainsuit. It was great to meet Allen, Tom, Gavin, and Kristi. They were a wealth of knowledge although I'm not sure how much of it I'll be able to retain since so much was dumped on me during the course of the day. We did my carbs in record time.


It was not hard at all with Greg, Allen, and Tom there to walk me through. I know it would have taken me twice as long (if not longer) had I done them myself. I would recommend doing the carbs with someone who has done them previously. There are a few steps where you need to be gentle and some where you need to be a bear. The trick is knowing when and that comes with the MOOT experience. I'm going to sleep in on Sunday and then put on the pipes that we modded. If anyone is up for some more wrenching or riding, then post something and let's go to Allen's. P.S. My bike is a screamin demon now. Can't wait to take it to the track class next weekend. Thanks everyone! --Jesse

Well we did get a small ride in Sunday Tom and his friend Mac showed up around 9 or so I had my bike torn down just cleaning and installing screws in the slide covers.... So I put everything back together and we called a few people and got Marc to come on up and we took off and rode thru Sam Houston forest on 149 we went to Richards where we met a MOOTster on a V65. I am sorry for not remembering his name. We sat around and chit chatted awhile then everyone decided it was time to go so they headed SW and I headed back in to the forest blasting the whole way.  Did I mention I love twistys?  hehehehheheheheh Anyhow thanks to Tom and Mac and Marc and our mystery MOOTster for coming out and going out riding and taking in the great day. --Allen (And yet one more Editors note: It was a beautiful day for riding on Sunday afternoon.  The road from Montgomery to Richards twists through some really nice forest and aside from some slow folks in front of us part of the way we managed to get some speed on.  After we split from Allen, Tom, Mac and I headed back towards the Katy/Waller area on some nice back roads.  Mac has done some mods to his Harley that made me have to twist the throttle on the V65 just a little bit more to keep up. --Marc)

Wrench Session at Greg's - November 2005 - Seagoville, Texas

Thanks to Allen Rugg for the write up & photos.

Fri 25th - This was my first wrench session with MOOT and I had a blast. I imposed upon Greg and Kristi and kids and pets from Thurs. thru Sat. What great people and great kids. Well what did we come for OH! some wrenching. Friday we had Larry Launders show up on his flamed out 1996 Magna Deluxe so we started telling lies and sniffing bikes. He need his oil changed and wanted to learn more about his bike so we went over a few of the finer points of his motorcycle. Lowell Yoder showed up on his slightly loud new gen Magna. Lowell wanted to install the pipes he got from Rob Allen so we went to work and started taking his old pipes off and putting the new ones on. After we finished we cranked her up and Lowell loved them. They were nice and quiet. I think he is competing with Rob for the sewing machine award. After we finished up it was time for dinner so we rode to the famous Cotton Gin. I have to say they have some great food. When we finished Lowell had to go so we took off and took the back way to the house and what fun. Nice and twisty just the way I like it. When we got back Larry had to go also so we said our goodbyes.

Sat 26th - We woke up to clouds and not a great forecast but I was up with the worms. Gregs' garage must have a polishing bug in it because I drank some coffee and went out and started on my front wheel. Boy they look good now. We put the canopy up and the rain started. I think it put a damper on everybody coming but it sure did not stop Curtis Hudson, he showed up and we started looking around and yaking away while Devin and I started polishing my bike some more. Devin worked on my front forks, he sanded and polished both of them and did a fantastic job. Thanks Devin. I was busy working on my wheel. I took the rotor off and polished her good. Curtis had to leave but we continued on till we got hungry so we packed up the kids and all and went to China Buffet, I think I had about 4 plates. When we got back we tackled my coolant and bled my brakes. They sure needed it, feels great now. Well I have to say it again: Thanks to Greg and Kristi Cothern for a place to stay and kick my feet up and all the food and some great wrenching. I can't wait till the next one. I am planning on having a wrench session at my new house soon stay posted !!!!

From Larry Launders:  I still have some photos to share as well, just haven't loaded them up yet. My home ISP is still not re-activated so it may be a few more days.

It was great putting some faces to names and learning a bit more about my bike. Got some great ideas for future upgrades, too!

I did get a little worried when I first showed up, as everyone else's bike was in the garage and I thought I had shown up on the wrong day or had the wrong house! Fortunately 'twas not the case.

FWIW worth Allen, I like the drag pipes! But then I also like the stock yellow paint, too...!

I look forward to making more of these, and hopefully meeting more MOOTsters!

MOOT MAG #3 Trip Report - October 2005 - Kerrville, Texas

MOOT MAG #2 Trip Report - October 2004 - Leakey, Texas

MOOT MAG #2 Pictures

Hill Country Ride - Thursday thru Saturday, May 27-29, 2004 - by Bob Barram (MOOT #69)
WOW!!!!! Talk about a great weekend!!! Troy and Bob left Dallas around 7 a.m. and headed South on I-35 with great weather and riding to New Braunfels. We headed west along the Guadalupe river from New Braunfels for a leisurely ride and ended up on 306 and then headed NW to 281. We than rode up to Marble Falls and got a hotel for the night, Hill Country Inn. After dinner at Blue Bonnet Cafe we rode around LBJ Lake on 2147 and stopped at 71 for directions. This is when Troy discovered an electrical problem and explained to me 'gel cells'. We headed NW on 71 to 2233 and up to 2900 ( some nice and open riding areas) and then got to Kingsland, headed East on 1431 to Granite Shoals, (we waved at JR, knew he was there someplace!) and back to Marble Falls and BB Cafe for dessert. Before dessert Troy bought some wiring and thought he solved his electrical problem. A great day of riding and scenery, but the best was yet to come. Troy Curtis, Charlie Deckert, Jerry Nicholson and Bob Barram met for breakfast/planning and when we were done JR showed up so we had a good time of talking and planning. JR said goodbye as he could not come along and we left as well. We headed N on 281 with Jerry leading us up to Park Road 4 where we headed West and a beautiful ride through some hills and even saw a castle in the distance. We got to 29 and headed West on it to Llano and our meeting with Jimmy Glover. We got to Llano and there was Jimmy waiting at the gas station for us. We sniffed and gassed up and plotted our next course of 'plan as you go' riding for the day. Jimmy knows this area like the back of his hand so after deciding about where we wanted to end up at the end of the day he took off. It was hold on to 'your hats' as we shot through the hill country!!!

Some one else will need to fill in the actual roads we hit as we headed south. I was along for the ride and could not take notes. We ended up in Fredericksburg and spent some time there at Wally world trying to get some juice into Troy's V65 and then met up with his brother at the Race Barn where we ate lunch. (man sized portions only!!!!) We headed Southwest from there to Kerrville and into the really hilly twisty stuff. We rode some straight and flat routes which Troy dominated with his V65 and then hit lots and lots of twisty canyon roads that Jimmy led us on and of course dominated. We were on most any road you could think of that would test the abilities of the Magna and its' rider. We saw some breath taking views from the 'hills' of the valleys spread out beneath us, crossed river crossings where the water was within a foot of spilling over, and even stopped in to see a Motorcycle Museum out in the middle of nowhere that showed some vintage bikes that were stand outs in their day. The curator gave us personal experiences of his from many of the bikes he road and owned. A must stop for the MOOTMAG2 in October.!! We said goodbye to Jerry and Charlie somewhere around Leakey and Troy, Jimmy and Bob road to Kerville together, got gas and parted ways, Jimmy heading back to Bronte and Troy and Bob looking for a place to stay for the night.

Well, there was a folk festival in Kerrville, some other festival in Fredericksburg and the Gypsys were meeting in Llano, so we ended up spending another night in Marble Falls ( got the last room available at 11 p.m. in the same hotel we were in the night before!) That ride from Kerrville was interesting, beginning with the buzzard that almost took off our heads and ending with the skunk we almost hit on 16 in the dead of night. We were glad to hit the sack that night. Troy and I woke up to a drizzle this morning, loaded our bikes and headed North on 281. About the time we got out of town (we did not wait in the line for breakfast at BB Cafe!!) the drizzle stopped and was nice by the time we got to Burnet. We took 190 East through Killeen and hit I-35 North in Belton and no sooner came around the bend and face to face with two MC cops on both sides of the rode shooting us with radar on three lanes of highway. Why they did not stop us I will never know!! We finally got brunch at Lubys in Waco after gassing up. Troy and I made it home, and as soon as I get my cell phone I am checking in on the rest of the gang! It was a wonderful ride and a good time meeting fellow MOOTsters again!!! I can't wait for the October meeting and a chance to see some of those roads again!!!! Respectfully submitted by Bob #69 NR p.s. I finally put the memories of my wrecked Magna to rest, after getting reacquainted with the spirit that 'lives' in each and every Magna.

Wrenching Session at Greg Cothern's - Saturday, May 15, 2004 - by Greg Cothern (MOOT #1)

In attendance were Dan Burkholder riding his new Ducati Multistrada (nice machine), Bob Barram, Jeff Heard, Barry Foster, Lowell Yoder, Dave Chan, Don Cothern, Rick Moser, Steve & Wendy Yeater, Ruben Camarillo, and Jory Guynes.

The weather cooperated almost to the point of perfection, couldn't ask for a better day. We tackled Carb needle shims, radiator fluid replacement, peg/highway peg installation, and muffler mod to name a few. Everything went well and even squeezed in lunch at the now famous Cotton Gin.

It was a great site to see a line of Magna's of just about all models in the driveway and in the street. For those that couldn't make it we missed getting to met you and hope you can attend a future session.

The Crawfish Boil Ride To Longview - April 17, 2004 - by Greg Cothern (MOOT #1)

The ride to Mom's Biker Bar in Longview, Texas was a good one, Lowell Yoder met Kristi and I here at the house, we promptly left out to meet up with Robert Hilliard, Jeff Heard & Deb, Troy Curtis, and Dave Chan in Wills Point. Kristi, Lowell, and I arrived in Wills Point at 10:30 a few minutes later than we anticipated, had nothing to do with Lowells Tiger ears and tail attached to his helmet causing wind resistance. Although there were lots of cagers that had to take a double take to see if it was really Tony the Tiger or not, LoL. We all arrived in Longview at 12:15-12:20 that afternoon, we took a stroll around the events, decided we would rather find an alternate place for lunch. We had a great lunch at Johnny Cace's. After lunch Dave Chan decided to head to Shreveport to test his luck. Jeff, Deb, Troy headed back towards Big D, with Lowell in tow until he turned off towards Emory. Robert, Kristi, and I took a nice long round about ride down highway 31 through Tyler then on to Athens. We stopped to get a drink and tell more lies, then Robert headed back home to Lindale and Kristi and I headed back here to Seagoville. Kristi and I had a great day of riding, all in all roughly 260 miles, and great company to spend the day telling lies and such with.

The German Deli "Snooty Pig" Ride - January 10, 2004 - by Bob Barram, MOOT #69
The 'German Deli Run' started off early and cold for some. Mike and Robert started off at 'oh dark thirty' to use an old military term, on a crisp Saturday morning in January. Robert, Dan and Bob met in Allen at 9:30 and headed West. Mike met Lowell in South Dallas around 10:00 and headed North. As Robert, Dan and Bob headed West they picked up Ruben in Farmers Branch and headed for a trip over the Grapevine Lake Dam and then to warm up with some hot drinks 1/4 mile from the Deli. Dave saw our Magna's parked outside and stopped in to join us. Mike and Lowell were at the Deli when we pulled in about 10 minutes later. While browsing and tasting the German sausage with diced potatoes, meat, and onions provided by the Deli, Jeff arrived. We had a good time shopping and looking at Lowell's helmet dressing (Wayne, you would be jealous!) and talking bikes. As lunch time approached we left with Dave in the lead, making our way to the 'Snooty Pig'. While waiting for our table Troy called for our location and he joined us as we were ordering our food. We had a group of 9 MOOTsters as a result of a whim to visit a German Deli in Southlake! It is amazing what will drive men and their machines to go places! After a good lunch ($5.00 lunch special!) we gassed up and Dave took us on a nice country ride back to Hwy 114 which included some nice twisties and beautiful scenery. Dave had to leave so we were down to 8. Once Jeff got Bob squared away as to where the Grapevine Lake Dam was we made a trip across it for those who had joined the group at the Deli. We then headed South East to 635 and Loop 12 and then Spur 408. We made it to Moutain Creek Parkway, a very twistie down hill road at the start, when Dan took a spill on his '03 Blue Magna. After moving Dan and his bike safely off the road, we checked him out for any breaks or bruises. He was sore but could get around on his own. His bike was checked out and deemed not safe enough to ride and the wrecker service was called. Lowell went beyond the call and went to his house and came back with his car and some water, giving Dan a good place to sit while waiting for the wrecker. Lowell even took Dan back to a prearranged meeting place so Dan's wife could pick him up. We were at a point when some others would go their separate ways and it was getting late so the group ride more or less came to an end. All made it home safely, some colder than others. A follow up call to Dan on Sunday confirmed he was doing well and ready to get the bike fixed and back on the road again. Thanks to those that participated in the ride...Michael Strong, Lowell Yoder, David Chan, Dan Lessert, Jeff Atkins, Robert Hilliard, Ruben Camarillo and Troy Curtis. It was good to ride with the group again. What whim will get us into another road trip just for the sake of riding?

From left to right...Troy Curtis, Ruben Camarillo, Michael Strong, Robert Hilliard,
Bob Barram, Jeff Atkins, Dan Lessert, Lowell Yoder and David Chan.

Brazos Bend Ride - December 7, 2003 - by Tom Duffy, MOOT #5
Like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Even though we didn't all get to finish the ride, it was a pleasure to meet everyone and put a face with the handle we see on the computer.

It was around 38 degrees at my house when I went out to get the news paper and there was frost all over everything. I got myself ready and headed to the Exxon station where I was to meet up with Nancy, Marc and Ed. I topped off the tank and assumed a position to soak up as much sun as possible and still be able to watch traffic. Several other bikes stopped in to fill up, must have been heading in to the Toys for Tots ride.

9:30 came and went. I gave them another 10 minutes or so then made a loop up to the Academy just to make sure they didn't stop there, no bikes there I headed back to the Exxon. I noted that they still hadn't arrived so I headed south to meet up with Biff and Larry.

It was a nice surprise to see another 98 black and silver Magna just like mine. Biff has a really nice Red one. We talked for a while, kept checking for bikes coming to the intersection. It wasn't long when Nancy, Ed and Marc came rolling in. Introductions were made and bikes sniffed. I think a camera even came out and some pictures were taken.

We headed toward Hwy's 59 and 99 for a gas stop for the far north bunch, we were just crossing the Brazos river with Biff in the lead and me bringing up the rear when I see some zig zagging going on ahead of me, then I see something shiny and cylindricle sliding around on the pavement. With no shoulder to pull off on we continued to a safe spot to stop and discovered one of Nancy's aftermarket mufflers had seperated from the bike. Ed and I circled back to retrieve the errant muffler, always safer to have two guys looking out for each other. Just before we could get to it a cager ran right over it.

We retrieved it and headed back to the others and decided to cross the freeway to the gas station and figure out our options. Nancy made a few calls and arranged transportation for her and bike back to the Woodlands. Ed decided to stay with her and make sure she got taken care of and the rest of us headed on to the park.

Just as we turned into the park, I heard my two way radio making that familiar beeping tone. Mac Wagner, one of my riding buddies was trying to find out where we were. He had gotten up late and made a speed run down to the park and got there ahead of us. We introduced him to everyone and talked a while, Biff made a few phone calls and decided he needed to head to the Hospital to check on his mom. Larry headed out with him and Marc, Mac and I headed for the Swinging Door for lunch.

After a good meal and some fine conversation we headed towards the home territory. All in all it was a great day to ride. Started out chilly but warmed up nicely.

It was great to meet everyone and I can't wait till we do it again.

Motorcycle Show in Dallas - November 22, 2003
On Saturday, November 22, 2003, Members of the MOOT Central Region lead by Todd Paulson and Robert Todd, rode to Hillsboro and met with members of the North and East Region to travel to Dallas for the Motorcycle Show at the Dallas Convention Center. After meeting up in Hillsboro, everyone rode to Greg Cothern's house for burgers and hot dogs before traveling to the show. Below are pics of the lunch at Greg's house. Everyone had a good time. There were 12 bikes that traveled to downtown Dallas for the show. Hat's off to Todd and Robert for bringing the Austin delegation up to Big D and hat's off to Greg for supplying lunch.

Todd/Robert T. and the rest of the Austin Delegation meeting up with Greg/Robert H. and the North Delegation at the McDonald's in Hillsboro.

Anyone want a McMagna before we go?

A shot of everyone at Greg's house for lunch before riding to the show.

Greg, Todd and others parking in Downtown Dallas for the Motorcycle show.

Wrench Session at Greg Cothern's House - November 1, 2003
On Saturday, November 1, 2003, several of us got together at Greg Cothern's house for a wrenching session. In attendance were: Greg Cothern, Robert Hilliard, Lowell Yoder, Troy Curtis, Bob Barram, Ruben Camarillo, Wayne Sannaghan and John Henslin. Tasks accomplished for the day include shining and buffing Bob and Robert's rims and changing the coolant on Wayne's bike.

For lunch, all of us rode to the Cotton Gin in Crandall, Texas. Also, Bob's carbs were synced later that day. Everyone had a good time. Our thanks to Greg for a great wrenching session.

MOOT Talimena Highway Ride Trip Report - October, 2003.
Click here to view the report.

FM 852 Ride by Texas East Region Members - September 14, 2003
Sunday, September 14th, several Texas East members and one Texas North member met at 3PM in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Gilmer, Texas to ride the number 8 top ten Texas roads, Farm-to-Market Road 852.

FM 852 is about 30 miles long and stretches from Winnsboro to Gilmer, Texas. Its claim to fame is its gentle sweepers and curves that are really beautiful when the leaves are falling in October and November of the year.

In attendance for the ride were Mark Sides and his girlfriend Diana, Kevin Wyatt, Michael Drake and his Brother-in-law, Bob Barram from Frisco and Robert Hilliard. A fun ride was had by all. We rode 852 from Gilmer to Winnsboro, gased up, then rode 852 back to Gilmer. Future plans are to ride more ETexas roads near Longview.

Our hats are off to Bob Barram, who road to East Texas from the Dallas area not knowing if he was going to be able to link up with the ET Delegation. It just so happens that we had ridden 852 and were in Gilmer gassing up when Bob found us and rode back to Gilmer with us. What timing!! It's not the destination but the ride...right Bob?

Wrench Session at Greg Cothern's House - September 6, 2003
Todays wrench sesson has come to an end, and with the exception of the new Wal-mart closing the road things went smooth.

In attendance were, Myself, Jeff Heard and girlfriend Deborah, Dan Burkholder, Lowell Yoder, David Chan, Wayne Sanaghan, Troy Curtis, Ruben Camarillo, and Bob Barram.

We did a lot of sniffing of bikes and B.S. and then decided it was time to take a break, LoL, headed out for a lunch run to the Cotton Gin.

After lunch we decided it was time to actually do some work on the bikes, LoL. David and Wayne changed the oil in their Magnas. Troy's V65 was havingan issue with the brake master cylinder. Seems there is a very small orifice that was clogged and not allowing the brakes to release completely. With some discussion we decided we needed to remove the master cylinder and with a very small tiny drill bit we we able to clean the clogged passage. This cured the problem completely, after bleeding the front brake system all was finished. Troy convinced me that I should take the V65 for a test of itsawsome power, actually it was a brake test, LoL. I certainly tested them before leaving the driveway, LoL. After being warned of the head snapping rip ya off the motorcycle acceleration, it was time to open the beast up. Menot being on to pass up an opportunity I made a quick little jaunt to the end of the street, turned aroun in the culdasac and twisted the throttle wideopen. The RPM's were racing to the redline, it is approaching 6 then 7, 8, 8500, I decide there wasnt going to be enough street to go for anymore I decided to let off @ 9000. What a monster, I could not resist making anotherrun, oh heck why not 2 more, LoL. I managed to pull the front tire 3 or 4 times, what a ride, wish I had more time to really ride a beast such as the V65. I would probably be in big trouble would have to go out and find myself one, HA!

Oh I did manage to attack about 4" of Wayne's front wheel with Mothers polish, we have another polisher in MOOT, LoL. It was good to meet some new folks and see some of the familiar faces as well. For those who were not able to make let me know and we can setup another session.

Lunch Gathering in Canton, Texas - July 19, 2003
Last Saturday, several of us MOOT Maggots gathered together for lunch at the Dairy Palace in Canton, Texas. Canton is located between Dallas and Tyler on I-20. In attendance were, Dennis Kutach and his son-in-law Robert, Lowell Yoder, Greg Cothern, Greg's brother Kelly Cothern, Robert Hilliard, Dave Chan, Steve Hardi, Jeff Atkins and Royd Ludwig. We ate...we talked and talked and sniffed and sniffed and even got together for a group picture before leaving to head home at about 2:00pm. All of us enjoyed the ride to and from Canton. Thanks to Dennis Kutach for the pics.

MOOTMAG #1 (Magna Owners Of Texas Meet and Greet) is in the books.
Click here to view the report.


Trip held May 9, 10 & 11, 2003.

Greg Cothern and family, Dave Alexander and wife and David Chan attended the MOOT Talimena ride that was held on May 9th, 10th and 11th. Despite a little rain and some fog the first day, the next 2 days rewarded us with some great riding weather.

Wrench Session at Greg Cothern's House in Seagoville - by David Chan (MOOT #16), 4/19/2003.
It threatened to rain but after the last wrench session both Jimmy and I decided to risk the ride out to Greg's this past weekend. We both arrived between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. and right away got down to replacing the front springs on my 94'. Greg told me that I was going to get my hands dirty but somehow I managed to avoid doing any of the hard work, go figure? Greg and Jimmy struggled with a few tight bolts, and Greg said it may have gone quicker if I had shown him the instructions before he started cutting the spacers!

The springs are much stiffer now, I'll have to get used to them but I much prefer them this way versus the stock springs.

After we finished with my bike Greg tricked another "MOOT'ster" into the "Mother's polish scam". The next time someone hear's Greg say "Bring the bike in here, let me show you something real quick" be prepared to work. Jimmy spent the next hour or two polishing his rims, levers, switches, risers, etc.
We finished up making some adjustments to Jimmy's handlebar position before heading home around 4:00 pm.

Greg also had the "Super" ready to go and both Jimmy and I took a quick spin. It's a totally different bike. I liked the nimble handling and Jimmy liked the shaft drive.

Sorry that more Moot members couldn't make it. Remember for the future that if lucky Jimmy's coming it ain't going to rain!

Hill Country Ride - by Jimmy Glover (MOOT #9), 3/27/2003.
That time of year had arrived to get out and enjoy the beauty that is the wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country so me and my buddys from work packed up the bikes and headed out again. The five of us (Magna, Nomad,Duece, Road Star, KLR650) headed out from San Angelo towards Brady via Hwy 87. Outside Brady we saw many fields of bluebonnets but perhaps not as many as in years past but with the drought out here that is not surprising however it was very pretty none the less. I was able to get one great picture of a old barn overlooking some bluebonnets that made a great wallpaper for my parents to give them an idea of the beauty here. From Brady we began exploring various backroads through such grand places as Hilda (huh?) and Doss, Texas. A pit stop in Doss was followed by a nice little curvy road that led us to lunch in Fredericksburg. After filling our stomachs and tanks we headed through the Texas Hill Country Trail that ran from Fredericksburg to Kerrville and criss-crossed the Guadelupe River several times.

A beautiful ride to be sure but not one to take lightly as we found out when one of our group lost control on a twisty curve and unfortunately dumped his bike. The good news is that other than some bumps and bruises he was ok and able to drive the bike back home, the bad news is that he did about $1500 in damage to the Road Star. Makes you remember how quick bad things can happen on a bike if you lose concentration. The trip continued the Lost Maples State Natural Area and back onto I-10 for the ride back home via Junction and Eden then onto San Angelo. An interesting note about Lost Maples, we passed a place called the Lonestar Motorcycle Museum but they were not open at the time we came through but we found a flyer at a country store and they advertised that they have quite a number of old bikes such as BSA's, Norton's and others. Maybe worth checking out if you are that way sometime. A very long day but worth it to see some great parts of Texas and be with friends. What I am not friends with ,however, is being in the stock Magna seat for that long. It may be time to look into a new saddle as my next upgrade on my faithful Magna but other than that the bike did great on the trip as usual. Can't wait till the next trip!!!!

MOOT Wrench Session at Greg Cothern's, Saturday, March 22, 2003 - by Robert Hilliard (MOOT #3).
On Saturday, March 22, nine of us gathered together for a wrenching session at Greg Cothern's house in Seagoville. Some of us started trickling in about 11:30am. In attendence were Lowell Yoder, David Chan, David Reynolds, Ruben Camarillo, A guy whose name I forgot riding a Kawa (friend of Ruben's), Jeff Atkins, Rick Moser, Greg Cothern and Robert Hilliard. First on the list of business was polishing rims and we started on Robert's bike, Paladin. After that was done, we decided to do the muff mod on Ruben Camarillo's Magna (with Ruben's permission of course - Ruben, you're not a wimp anymore!!!). All the while this was going on, we ate lunch, which was graciously provided by Greg and Kristi and sniffed bikes. About 3:00pm, everyone began to leave due to the rain which was coming down harder and harder. We all had fun and learned a lot. It was good to put a face with those emails we've been passing for the last couple of months. Our thanks to Greg for hosting the event.

Trip to Brownwood for Underwood's Barbeque - by Jimmy Glover (MOOT #9), 3/4/2003.
On Tuesday March 4th myself and a group I work with took a much needed motorcycle ride to cure the late winter jitters and it turned out to be a great little trip. There was a total of seven bikes and what a mixture of machines it turned out to be : my Magna and a Yamaha Roadstar, a Kawasaki Nomad, a H-D Duece, two Kawasaki KLR 650's and a Suzuki GSX1000. The trip started with the six of them meeting in San Angelo and riding northeast to meet me in Ballinger. After fueling up we began our trip with the intent of getting to Brownwood for lunch at the famed (in West Texas anyway) Underwoods Barbeque. For those of you that have never been to West Texas this means going through numerous small towns but also finding some great backroads for spirited riding. I was very pleased that my Magna more than held its own against much larger displacement bikes and never did I feel bad for having "only" a 750. After about a hour and a half ride to Brownwood (and getting into a race with the Suzuki which I lost because I chickened out and gave up at 115mph) we were treated to a very tasty and VERY filling lunch at Underwoods. If you ever find yourself this way I highly recommend this establishment.

After lunch the senior rider suggested we head toward a place called Regency which contains the only suspension bridge in Texas that is still in use called, appropriately, Regency Bridge. An hour drive and we were there and it was quite a site. Being a pretty windy day the bridge was, let's just The bridge spans over the Colorado River and is roughly 100 feet above the water. A very neat view and a great way to kill some time just shooting the bull and taking pictures.

From there we would around back to Brownwood and then various back roads back home. All total the trip spanned around 9 hours and 350 miles and was very much enjoyed by all. This was my first real ride and it made me appreciate why I got my bike. I can't wait till the next one!

Possum Kingdom Ride - by Gary Howsley (MOOT #35), 3/8/2003.
I just came in from a fast 200 mile run thru west Texas in company with a FJR1300, 3 ST1100's, and a VFR consisting of twisties and some Interstate....all experienced riders, riding in a "spirited manner". The Super was always wanting to go faster and I was thrilled how the 16 year old cruiser suspension handled the twisties. I switched off with the VFR rider for awhile and that reminded me what a rocket those FI VFR's really are....but I was glad to get back on my sweet little Super. The NC2220 windshield provides a quiet cockpit. I look over it by a large margin.....even so, it works very well because it is angled so the top is near my head...... I snagged some round Shadow 750 mirrors off eBay .... they stick out further than stock and I can see past my shoulders (great mirrors).

The saddle is not quite as "all day" comfy as the Corbin was on the Valk but it will be adequate. Sargent did a great job. I originally ordered just the cover and tried to install it myself, but due to my lack of skills, the result was disappointing, so I sent it back for them to install and add the "supercell foam". For prices you should call CD Kring because my deal was not normal. They are certainly a joy to work with. I only had the front seat done. I will not be using the back seat since I had to make room for the top case and driver backrest. The backrest is the original and will be recovered to match the saddle...I hinged it to the top case for simplicity. The top case is a Kappa (knockoff of GIVI) and does nothing for the esthetics of the bike... but it was the best solution for the kind of riding I do (I need waterproof secure cargo capacity for multiday touring). I'm putting a Harley chrome rack on top of the lid to strap on more stuff like Hennessey Hammock, camping gear, etc. Then I use magnetic tank bag for camera, gloves, and all the other little crap.

I realize the Super, like most cruisers, was designed mostly for Sunday afternoon boulevard runs, but with some thought and a few accessories I think mine will serve me well for the long weekend tours around Texas and beyond. I thought someone might enjoy seeing how I am equipping the bike for this type of riding.If anyone is doing the same, I'd like to hear how you are doing it.

Gary Howsley
Weatherford, TX 76086
just 20 miles west of Fort Worth,TX.
'87 Red Super Magna
'2002 XR400."be alert, there's a shortage of 'em"

PS: Please don't get the idea we ride dangerously......we DO ride briskly and mostly legal speeds...... occasionally when conditions warrant, we crack the throttle a mite.
PSS: the picture was taken at Possum Kingdom Dam overlook.
PSSS: on the way home on I-20 a white Pacific Coast scooted by me, pointed at my Super and gave me a thumbs up...made my day!.......WOW!... "vintage" Hondas are awesome. Always admired the PC but just could never get past the styling. Should make the perfect bike for novice or lady rider, as well as experienced rider, who values quality and function.
Also, we ate at a "biker" cafe in were everywhere Saturday enjoying the fine weather. Next time, you should all go with us.

MOOT Wrench Session was held in Dallas, Friday, January 31, 2003.
Several of us met at Greg Cothern's house in Seagoville (near Dallas) for a wrenching session. Attendees included Greg, Rob Allen, who rode up from Houston and Robert Hilliard, who rode in from Lindale. The day started out cold and cloudy, but by noon, the sun came out and the temperature got into the 60's. It made for a great day. After the normal sniffing session, we decided to get to work. On the agenda for the day was a "muffler modification" for Robert's bike and a spark plug "gap and clean" for Rob's bike. Pictures pretty well tell it all. The muffler mod can be seen in detail on the Tips & Tricks page of this website.

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