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Suggested Road/Ride Rules

1. MOOT Members should ride in a friendly and courteous manner, showing respect for other road users and refraining from altercations whenever possible.

2. Members are expected to offer assistance to fellow bikers in distress.

3. It is the responsibility of members to insure their capacity to ride is not impaired by alcohol or other influences.

4. On group rides, bikes must be roadworthy, gassed up and ready to ride.

5. On group rides, members should maintain position and avoid overtaking other bikes whenever possible.

6. Riders should not overtake the lead bike. If the lead bike is accidentally passed in traffic, the erring bike should slow down and allow the lead bike to pass and then safely rejoin the pack.

7. Members should be familiar with riding formations and hand signals.

8. Recognizing different levels of riding ability and capacity of bikes, members should ride within their comfort zone. Lead bike and sweeper will endeavor to set a pace appropriate to traffic and road conditions.

9. Group riding is to be enjoyed by all and is not a race. Members should stay together as a group to improve visibility, safety and enjoyment. Members should adopt the "buddy" system by keeping a close watch on bike directly in front and the bike directly in back, watching for mechanical problems, rider fatigue, etc.

10. Left and right rear view mirrors are mandatory to insure safety, particularly in group riding situations.

11. In event of an accident, riders should stop as quickly and safely as possible. All situations differ so common sense should be used by the first members at the scene; i.e., direct traffic, assist the fallen rider, clear the fallen bike, etc.

12. Guest riders are welcome but should be briefed and positioned at the back of the pack.

13. Texas Law may require a helmet (depending on your insurance level) and the Club encourages members to wear them.

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